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Removal Of Your Child Shouldn't Leave You Helpless

Has the State accused you of abuse and neglect? Is the Division of Child Protection and Permanency trying to take your child from you? has your child already been removed? If so, you need aggressive, experienced legal representation. The sooner a qualified attorney is fighting for you the better. Call us today for a FREE Initial Consultation and fight back.

When faced with a DCPP action where your child is at stake, it is always a good idea to have an attorney with you who is knowledgeable in the area of DCPP.  We can provide experienced DCPP representation who will advocate for your rights.

worried child

DCPP proceedings involve your most precious belonging, your child.


In DCPP matters it is beneficial to have an attorney from the very moment that you are DCPP involved.   An attorney from the beginning can mean your child staying in your care and custody and may prevent a foster care placement.

When do you get an attorney involved?

Over 30 years of experience goes with you into the courtroom to prevent the removal of your child from your home and ensure the quick return of your child, if already removed.